Tuesday, November 20, 2012


In the Name of Allah, most Gracious, most merciful
I am willing to present my thanks for everyone who has helped me, especially in this skripsi.
Alhamdulillah, all of honors are just for Allah Azza Wajalla, the almighty,
Then I want to express my sincere thanks to:
1.      My Beloved Parents, Pamudji and Triwahyuni. Thank you so much for your affection, advices, guidance, instruction and help in all my life, your love is beyond any words. My beloved young brothers Guru Wahyu and Jaya Kusuma, may Allah SWT does ever safeguard.
2.      My First Advisor, Drs.Yahya Alalydrus, M.Pd for his valuable guidance, encouragement, patient, correlation, advice, and suggestion which are very helpful in finishing this skripsi. Then, you very much for your time to share your great knowledge and great experiences to me.
3.      My Second Advisor and also the Head of English Department, Hamidin, S.Pd, M.Pd who has guided me with his worthy, correction and suggestion to improve the quality of this skripsi.
4.      The Dean of Teacher Training and Education Faculty, Dr. H. Fajar Nur Arief, M.Pd, for his contribution and attention.
5.      All lecturers of English Department of FKIP UNISMA, who have transferred much knowledge to me. For guidance, instruction and help during study at the university.
6.      All Staff Office of FKIP UNISMA, for the guidance.
7.      My Gratitude to Headmaster of SMP Islam Pakis, Malang who has give me permission, helps for present study. Mr Samsul Hadi, S.Pd as an English teacher, who has allowed me to conduct a research in his class. The VIII grade students of SMP Islam Pakis, Malang, who helped me to make the research.
8.      Special Thanks to my beloved friends “B CLASS 2007” Najah, Fitri, Anas, Lis, Hana, Pendi, Yusuf, Alam, Gufron, Fathur, Lely, Ferlin, Diana etc, they all have given me a cheerful and joyful world and beautiful togetherness.
9.      My Beloved friends of 2007 Generation. Thanks for our togetherness and your attention to me.
10.  My Friends in the same struggle Usman, Mbk Risma, Rohman, Gufron, Fathur, Bayu, Teguh, Lukman, Khusnul Mubin. Thak you so much for your motivation until finish present study.
11.   Thanks to My Close Friends organization community  Whose have given me a cheerful and joyful world and beautiful togetherness; I’ll never forget our happiness and sadness when we were together in secretariat.
12.  My Wonderful friends at PPL of MTs Hasyim Asy’ari Batu we had an unforgettable moment.
13.  The last, this skripsi is far from being perfect, but it is expected that this skripsi will be useful not only for the researcher, but also the readers. F0r this reason, constructive thought full suggestion and critics are well come to make this skripsi better.

Finally, may Allah SWT receive all their works and kindnesses. Amin.

 Malang, July 2012

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  1. thanks,,, sangat membantu dalam penulisan aknowledgementnya :)